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Vol 12 / Trk 11 / Free / Graffiti 6

G6It took me awhile to answer Jamie Lidell—not because it’s too much of a curve ball but because I LOVE Jamie Lidell. Smooth move ,Woodford. I dig it.

Graffiti 6 is new to me. I’d love to share some interesting story about the band’s history or an insight into this record but I have no idea—and the cursory glance at Wikipedia doesn’t turn up much. What I do know is that this track is catchy as hell and shares the same soulful spirit as Little Bit of Feel Good. I dare you to listen to this just once. I dare you.

What the hell is going on in this volume? Actually I think the answer is simple. What is dynamic, push-and-pull rock and roll but the aural embodiment of teenage sexual angst? No one can live like that forever and I think thanks to Mr. Lidell our little NEIMT volume just got laid. The tension has lifted, and suddenly everything is a little easier.



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