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Vol 12 / Trk 10 / Little Bit of Feel Good / Jamie Lidell

I’m not sure how we got from mewithoutYou to Jamie Lidell in three tracks, but I’ll embrace it. I’ve become enamored with Jamie over the last few months. He’s capable of making incredible Saturday morning music, and has become a critical component in my rotation on days when I wake up and the world is nothing but possibilities.

I’ve slaved over his catalog for the last couple of hours, discovering a few songs that tie our rather disjointed volume together. I ultimately decided to respond to Kung Fu a little more directly, and leave the heavy tracks behind us. I could draw a few direct comparisons between this track and the previous, but I’d rather leave a bit of the discovery to you.

Though Little Bit of Feel Good doesn’t tell his whole story, Jamie Lidell is a beatboxing, one-man, soul-inspired machine. If I were to build on Mr. Joosse’s analysis of the human and the mechanical, I would offer a layering of human and human to create a faux-mechanical sound. I particularly appreciate the saxophone solo a couple of minutes into this track that creates a nice moment of ambient blues. It’s a great loop that leaves me wondering where this volume is off to next.

t. woodford


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