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Vol 04 / Trk 11 / La Guitaristic House Organisation / Rinocerose

I’ve been looking for a way to slip in something more organic and dance oriented to lift and chill the mood. I think it fits nicely between Sterolab and Fuck Buttons. Here’s rinôçérôse from their super danceable Installation Sonore (1999). I saw them at an open air on a summer’s evening a few years ago and man was that a fun show, dancing everywhere, nonstop.

This will be my second to last post for NEIMT. Though it’s great being a part of it, I am not able to respond to posts in a reasonably timely manner. Though I will  continue to listen eagerly. And I promise to deliver my final post within the agreed upon 2 days!


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Vol 04 / Trk 10 / The Lisbon Maru

Well this is fascinating. When I started this volume, I was expecting that it would explore an upbeat electro-pop realm. I found it interesting when it started to veer into ambient territory. While that’s a genre I very much love, I couldn’t give in so early in the chain, so I tried to steer the mix back to a more upbeat pop realm with the Sleigh Bells. Which Mike promptly let me know “he really didn’t like.”

Only to get the big “FU” from Epp with that Godmorgon track. Not that I didn’t like it, but it upset all expectations in the harshest of ways. Then another “FU” comes from Joosse with another sharp left turn back into pop territory and a new emphasis on a guitar driven sound.

I have been left sitting this last week thinking, “well what the hell am I supposed to do now?”. Pop for mike? Noise for Epp?

I have sifted through countless tracks. I almost posted a very beautiful but highly repetitious 15-minute Papa M track as my own passive aggressive move. Instead I posted this 9-minute journey through the cicada infested wilderness of Fuck Buttons. Their second album, Tarot Sport, is just phenomenal. They are really towing a nice line between the noisy and melodic sides of the ambient sound. This song is just so beautiful. Enjoy.

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