Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

a musical exquisite corpse. look it up.

Vol 12 / Trk 13 / Believe E.S.P. / Deerhoof

Good Music has nice energy. I hadn’t heard it before Mr. Joosse’s post, but I’ve found myself coming back for more.

The best response I can muster at the moment is Deerhoof’s Believe E.S.P. Deerhoof—a quartet that originated in San Francisco—has a reputation of being a bit unpredictable, and largely difficult to classify. Debuting as a noise band, evolving into discombobulated pop, and self-identifying as a band without a plan, they’ve mastered reinvention over the last twenty years.

The heavy, leading bass sticks in my head for days after I play this track. Though a definable rhythm differentiates it from its predecessor, both share an undeniable energy, and bolstering confidence. It just needs a little more cowbell.

Happy New Year. Here’s to a new beginning.

t. woodford


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