Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

a musical exquisite corpse. look it up.

Vol 12 / Trk 07 / Silencer / mewithoutYou

Aaron Weiss is a poet. Often, I catch myself on the train listening to tracks he’s written on repeat, while reading, deciphering, interpreting, and responding. The depth throughout his career is proficiently astounding.

I discovered mewithoutYou and met Aaron in the same day, at a festival a stone’s throw from my hometown. On stage, he was such a big personality—emotional, impassioned, and demonstrative. In person, he was the antithesis—meek, gentle, and submissive. There was something honest about this experience that I’ll never place.

This blend of personalities is also persistent in the music. Spoken word blends into an emotional bellow. A fuzzy bass offsets an affable riff. White noise wouldn’t work without a wall of sound. Quiet compliments loud, and one thing leads to a more thorough appreciation of the next.

Truth to tell, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to post this track, and tonight feels apt.

t. woodford


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  1. craij says:

    fucking awesome

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