Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

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Vol 06 / Trk 15 / Ghosts

It’s an unspoken rule between Mr. Joosse and myself, that we are attempting to next-to-never repeat artists in this never-ending musical tennis-match. I don’t know if either of us know how hard that is going to be once we get farther into the overall string. The main implication to this strategy/limitation is that one has to really consider which song they use for any given artist—as it is likely to be the only representation of that artist on the NEIMT. So we can’t afford to waste it.

So Mr. Joosse will probably be irked that I have played The Jam card. Truth be told, I actually expected it from him in the last round because this whole mix really seemed to be constantly referencing them. So in my mind he left it wide open for me. I am posting one of my favorites, a less rocking but wonderfully layered and melodic affair.

I also feel it captures that slight-country, lilting 70s AM gold quality the Ride Ride Ride brought. Plus, I love the mariachi horns.

Ghosts also nicely ends this amazing mix on a reflective, hopeful note. The sun sets of Volume 6, but will rise again on number 7.

As always, the entire volume plus cover art will be posted for download shortly. Thanks for listening.



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One Response

  1. Mike Joosse says:

    Ah hell, the Jam card. I would’ve used it on “The Great Depression,” which probably would’ve worked great here.

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