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Vol 12 / Trk 01 / Sitting Still, Talking About Jets / The Detachment Kit

The following is a special guest post from our friend Craij, who’s been a fan of the Neverending Mix pretty much since we started. A shockingly talented developer, Craij took the site’s RSS feed and built an NEIMT Air app that anyone can download free at Google Play. We struck a deal: when the app gets 1,000 downloads, Craij kicks off the next volume. That was a month ago, when we were at 900 or so downloads. As of today, we’re at 1,565, which is a massive thing. We’re thrilled to get into Vol 12 and say thanks to Craij’s work (and your listening).
First, I’d like to thank you guys for the cameo entry.  So many times I plug into NEIMT and groove out while I work or relax. Now I get a chance to influence a volume! The final track to the last volume was about as close to perfect ending to that collection as one might muster—nice work, Joosse! I love that ending. Drone, drone, drone and drone some more. I stare at the floor as I fall into the abyss of FR’s impressively crafted track. I visualize dropping through a campy 80s sci-fi animation for hyperspace.  Feels nice….
The way I see it, I have three choices as a follow-up here:
1) latch on to the drone and request some slow dive or rave down
2) slide further into the mud and post something dark and pissed (a great cure for the cheery)
3) put on my jetpack and blast off into the energetic….Yes, I have one of those.



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