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Vol 06 / Trk 04 / Excedrine Headache #265 / Reigning Sound

My friend Beau told me once long ago about the collective unconscious—the idea that there are things that unite humanity in ways we can’t put a finger on. Things that, when we discovered them, felt very familiar even as they were inherently new. He believed the Beatles were somehow able to tap into the collective unconscious and that’s why their songs feel so immediately familiar and so immensely loved.

The word “Beatlesque” gets thrown around a lot in music criticism, and can refer to a basic pop song with melodies, the same way “Dylanesque” refers to anything wordy and acoustic. But I tend to take that word in stride—a ton of bands get called Beatlesque because the Beatles sounded like a ton of bands over their career. So you can do an easy, loping “Love Me Do” or a reverb-drenched, hard-driving “Helter Skelter” and be said to be influenced by the same band. I like to think that speaks to the greatness of the Beatles, and to why this track is what it is.

We could spend the next six volumes exploring what it means to be Beatlesque in all its different meanings. At the very least, it feels like a crime of ignorance to skip past the ocean of tracks we consider to be similar to the Beatles. So I can’t in good conscience push on from Ty Segall and his racket. I searched long and hard for something that could meet halfway between the previous two tracks yet still provide a clear path forward. It bears an awesome title and some almighty reverb, with a similar combination of garage noise and heavy melody as “Go Home,” yet manages to be at one end of that spectrum of you-know-what.

m. joosse


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