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Vol 01 / Trk 11 / SaigonĀ Pickup / Naked City

Those last two tracks had to result in John Zorn with the Naked City band, but it was a real battle between Punk China Doll, Saigon Pickup, and Contempt. They all are bustin’ genre like mad and the sax wails throughout. Contempt is the straightest of the them and has some dirge and hypnotic qualities that could have steered us back a bit. Punk China Doll was the heavier, rockier punk meets Ornette Coleman track. Saigon Pickup has it all.

When I first got the debut Naked City album and brought it to undergrad studio, my good friend Chuck said, “This is like being strapped to the hood of a New York City taxi on a Saturday night!” Fucking A Double Plus.

The Naked City Band: John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Wayne Horvitz, Joey Baron.


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