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Vol 02 / Trk 09 / Departures

So how does one follow such epic feats of noisy beauty? Because those last two tracks left me gaping-mouth amazed. Stellar choices fellas.

I almost countered with another 12 minute plus track but thought since there are already two on this mix in that range I will spare you listener and save it for another day.

Ultimately I settled on this wondrous track by a “little known” Arizona band, Half String. I don’t say that to be indie snob snooty. Let me explain.

I grew up in Phoenix. In the cultural desert that was Arizona in the 90s, there just happened to be a pretty great little music scene. And there was and still is the greatest little record store in the history of man, Stinkweeds. All the clerks had that indie-know-it-all-allure, which at that time had not been dubbed an unattractive “hipster” quality. For me it was everything I aspired to be. I came of age in that record store and was introduced to countless amazing bands via their recommendations.

I do not call Stinkweeds the greatest record store because they had any and every kind of music. Far from it. This was a small place. What made it special was that they only carried what was “good”. And even better they had everything good that you never heard of. In this digital-get-anything-anytime-age, we shall never know such curated beauty again.

Anyway, the owner of this record store is a woman named Kimber. She not only ran this Mecca of music but also was an amazing drummer in one of the greatest AZ indie bands, the aforementioned Half String. The high school version of myself had a huge crush to say the least. Anyway, I only call them “little known” because for me they were and will always be one of the special things about my growing up in Arizona. The mere thought about anyone outside that space knowing about them is just beyond my understanding. But that’s just me.

This track is from their last record, A Fascination with Heights. It is a classic from front to back. Find yourself a out-of-print copy STAT.
r. smigielski


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