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Vol 05 / Trk 02 / Did I ever tell you about the man that taught his asshole to talk?

Art songs + sweet beats + spoken word. There is only one thing I could post. Like many disaffected college youth in my day, I became obsessed with William Burroughs without actually being able to get through any of his books. They just have way too much fluids in em. Jizz, blood, sweat, spit, ectoplasm, etc. It just becomes too much for me after the 50th page.

Anyway, my fascination led me to start collecting his spoken word and collaborative albums. His voice has an amazing instrumental quality. The album this comes from is by far the best. It has some great stories, set to great beats and instrumentation. This track in particularly has always stood out. It’s simply hilarious and frightening.

Plus I am interested to see how Mike deals with this moving forward.

We have moved off of soundcloud with our MP3 player. Love that service but there committment to thwarting unlicensed music sharing was getting ridonkulous. Turns out that wordpress has its own decent flash player. So there we go.



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