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Vol 11 / Trk 03 / Maple Leaves / Jens Lekman

Oh, we going pop now? Well I just happen to have a decade’s worth of bubblegummy, sugary, rickenbacker-guitary LPs to pull from and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

I’m a little shocked Jens hasn’t graced the NEIMT already. 3 solid albums, (though I’d argue You’re So Silent Jens—the compilation this cut is pulled from counts as a forth) a slew of amazing EPs, some remixes and the best live show I’ve seen in years—it’s time the guy received the NEIMT bump.

This version of Maple Leaves is a subtle remix of the original 7″ version recorded primarily to replace some obvious samples that might have landed the increasingly popular singer in some legal trouble. I have  You’re So Silent.. on vinyl and I’ve managed to wear a short skip in this track. Just. Perfect. Pop.



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  1. Jill Sofija says:

    Actually, I discovered Jens Lekman through NEIMT a loong time ago. The Opposite of Hallelujah was in the September 2007 mixtape – your existence gives me hope. 🙂

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