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Vol 10 / Trk 11 / Lovely Allen

So I’ve been in a bit of denial this week. Two songs ago, the mix was playing right into the hands of a particular song I’ve been hanging onto for a little while. A song I love dearly and hoped to use in the mix eventually. And it looked like it was finally going to happen.

Then Yann Tierson showed up. With all it’s Frenchy quaintness, and doe eyed Amelie smirk. It’s lovely. Just not where I thought we’d be. So I waited for inspiration to strike. And it struck exactly where I started.

Having relistened to the last two tracks, I noticed an interesting theme emerging that I hadn’t before. They are increasingly singular in their melodic focus. They are essentially songs of a one track mind. Songs with perfect melodies. So perfect that complicated structures of chorus’, verses, and bridges are not necessary. The song is content to meander in and out of it’s one idea, milking it for all it’s worth, relishing it’s highs and lows.

It’s a theme that’s been hinted at before but only now do I think it’s the station we’ve actually arrived at. And my original track fits perfectly. Enjoy.

r. smigielski


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3 Responses

  1. Epp says:

    Holy Fuck that’s a good track. Question for all, how does NEIMT continue in the face of Spotify/Rdio. For new music are you using those services then purchasing/finding the individual track for the mix? Do those two services carry enough music to find new interesting stuff?

  2. Craij says:

    Well played track! Thanks for that!

    @Epp… I, for one, don’t need Spotify/Rdio. There are many other ways to discover fresh tracks.

  3. Epp says:

    My go to was eMusic until they increased their catalog and hiked the rates.

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