Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

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Vol 07 / Trk 06 / Warrior in Woolworths

What can I say? What People Do For Fun is a mesmerizingly good song. And those are distinctly hard to follow up.  I hang my head in shame that it was completely unknown to me. Songs that good should be written into our DNA.

In the vein of pseudo-adolescent snarkisms from the era, I had little choice but to break out one of my all time favs, X-ray Spex. What they lack in spindly new wave instrumentation, they more than make up for with rambunctiously goofy but equally genius use of horns in punk rock music. And Poly Styrene’s voice is utterly unique and she remains one of my favorite vocalists.

Admittedly this post was delayed by the sheer task of deciding which ONE song from the Spex I was going to use, knowing full well I could never dip back into that well again. This isn’t necessarily my favorite but it’s up there and I felt it would lead us in interesting directions.

Mr Joosse, you’ll run my well dry of this era soon enough.

r. smigielski


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