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Vol 06 / Trk 08 / Honey Bee (Let’s Fly to Mars) / Grinderman

And now back to our regularly scheduled chaos.

That wonderfully frenzied organ and wordplay from the Monks led me to Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds. Right around 2003, when they started upending their methods and recording whole albums in a week, they also started incorporating an organ into their palette. When they shifted into their Grinderman project in 2007, that raw, instinctive recording style loosened up their sound and pushed the organ to the fore. Grinderman is full of deranged, debauched tracks like this one, which pulse with squalling organs, feedback bursts, ribald lyrics, and pounding drums. It sounds alive, like the combination of raw thoughts and throbbing heartbeats—like the best garage rock.

m. joosse


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  1. Craig says:

    Thumbs up!

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