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Vol 06 / Trk 06 / Pedestrian / Spiral Beach

Was it just me, or did that Bicycles track sound a hell of a lot like the B-52’s? Not that I would’ve minded; I’ve had a soft spot for them my whole music life. Especially based on the first few seconds of that track, it took extreme effort not to upload “Rock Lobster,” write 200 words on it, and dance crazily around my living room.

Anyway, there was much to latch onto there: a “whodunit?” organ, guy-girl harmonies, a general sense of twinkle-eyed mischief. I could stay in the garage for a while longer, but I thought using another track that reminded me distantly of the B-52’s would be a more fun direction to go. Also, both Spiral Beach and Bicycles are from Toronto, and I get a real kick out of the way both have approximated what I would consider a very American sound.

m. joosse


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