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Vol 06 / Trk 05 / B-b-bicycles

Jesus, I really hated Mr Joosse’s song at first. He insinuated Ty Segall was “a racket”, but damn “Excedrine Headache” was literally delivering on it’s title. Having listened to it a few more times now, I’ll say it’s really growing on me. And I am one who generally loves noisy music. So I am perplexed as to the nature of my immediate dislike. Which brings me to an interesting observation about music in general—the role of familiarity in aesthetic judgement.

When I first graduated college, I was completely fixated on grunge. All I listened to were bands from Seattle. It was ridiculous. Then I got a retail job that mostly involved sitting around all day listening to music with my other coworkers. They openly belittled me for my singular musical focus.

They would try to open my musical mind with all kinds of genres and seminal bands like Fugazi, Meat Beat Manifesto, Ministry, James, Misfits, Tribe Called Quest and on and on. With everyone of those artists (now all personal favorites) my immediate reaction was either utter distaste or ambivalent “meh”. Only after repeated listening did my ears adjust. As if the newness of a style to the ear directly contributes to it’s ability to communicate. Ever since, I have payed special attention when my initial reaction is negative. I almost always come around. Along the way, I have discovered that there is much more good music out there than bad.

But really none of that has anything to do with my selected track. I just felt like this track by the Bicycles captured another side of late era Beatles, where they were still open to having fun within a bluesy riffs, strong backbeats and hummable melodies.



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