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Vol 06 / Trk 03 / Go Home

Let’s just call this the track 2 “WTF” moment. It happens with almost every mix. I believe I did it to Mr Joosse with that William S. Burroughs track. And now he does it to me. With The Beatles. It’s almost like the author is not quite sure which direction the lead track is going, so many options being viable, that it will never feel quite right. Perhaps no choice is actually better than another, given the open possibilities the existence of the opening track creates. The second track always ends up feeling like a speed bump along the way of us figuring out where the string is going.

Granted there is absolutely nothing wrong with that song, remix, or The Beatles. But how do you follow that up? It’s like reacting to oxygen or water. It’s great and all. It’s the life-force and all. But where next?

Perhaps I put too much on shoulders of the fab four, but I can’t help think you’re better off leaving them out of most discussions of music. But now that I said that, it just seems equally as wrong to suggest.

I digress. Sticking within a sixties-garagy-back-beat-and-hip-shaking aesthetic, I give you Ty Segall. This has a ripped vocal melody from the great Jackie Wilson but puts a modern twist on things with it’s cynically maxed-out production and off kilter rhythms.



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