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Vol 06 / Trk 02 / Drive My Car/The Word/What You’re Doing / The Beatles

Man, that was one awesome track to start a mix. So awesome, in fact, that I consider this post a small failure—I can’t call it better than its predecessor, which was just perfect.

So with that admission out of the way, I’ll say that I was seeking something that was rhythmically similar but with some small odd charm, like how “Le Responsable” is like a long-lost American #1 from 1969, only in French. This track is my favorite from Love, the Cirque du Soleil-sponsored remix album, because it seems to flow effortlessly between three songs (with elements of two more blended in) from the less-well-tread side of their catalog. Add in some wonderful little background touches, don’t let it overstay its welcome, and it’s like discovering something brand new that’s been there all along.

Plus: cowbell!

m. joosse


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One Response

  1. Craig says:

    All I can hear is Will Ferrell banging that damn cowbell!

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