Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

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Vol 06 / Trk 01 / Le Responsable

Mr Joosse and I have agreed, that in order to make the mix sets more enjoyable, we would avoid jarring stylistic departures from song to song. With exception of the first song of a new set. While we want to maintain the “never ending” status of the mix blog, we want to take opportunities to move things along a little more dramatically. The first song of a mix is the best time to do that.

So I choose this ditty from Jacques Dutronc. I don’t know where I got it. I don’t care. It’s mystery is one of the best things about it. I rediscovered it as I searched for tracks somewhere in the middle of the last mix. I was like “what the hell is this? It’s awesome!”

It’s insanely familiar. And equally fun. Sitting uncomfortably in between Satisfaction and Dancing in the Streets. I just can’t get it out of my mind. It’s the perfect summer jam. The kind of song that could get a street full of people to suddenly dance in unison, Ferris Bueller style.

I can’t wait to hear with the mix goes from here.



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