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The Light Unmoors Us All / Vol 05 / 080611

After a shaky start, wherein we became a two-man operation and technology threatened our way of life, we emerged with the most cohesive mix since Volume 2. It was also the quickest, where more than ever we trusted our instincts and moved the mix forward musically in smaller steps instead of huge leaps. But more than that, I had a hell of a lot of fun working on it. I can’t really say that for the last couple volumes for whatever reason, but this one was just a joy to produce.

I believe that when you play this volume from start to finish, it’s going to sound like a deliberate change in mood. We started at a relatively mysterious place and, with the establishment of a strong rhythm, found a focus that led us slowly but surely from noise and discord to melody and unity. I’m shamelessly addicted to that kind of movement, that need for a happy resolution for all involved. For lack of a better word: it’s the light. Discovering that in this volume, step by step, was a tremendously good feeling that just built and built over the last few weeks as we hurtled toward track 15.

But like I said in the last post, this isn’t an ending; it’s just a milepost along the way. Volume 6 will start right where we left off and we’re quite happy about that. Thanks for making the journey with us.

m. joosse

Download the Mix as a 114 MB zip file.
Now using sendspace to deliver these massive files. Email me if the file expires.

The tracklist is as follows:

01. Me, White Noise by Blur featuring Phil Daniels
02. Did I Ever Tell You About the Man That Taught His Asshole to Talk? by William S. Burroughs and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
03. Come in Houston [Sax Version] by Morphine
04. Satellite by TV on the Radio
05. Love Missile F1 Eleven by David Bowie
06. Middle Class Revolt by The Fall
07. Red Shoes by the Drugstore by The Wedding Present
08. In the Art of Stopping [Live] by Wire
09. Magnetic City by Silverbullit
10. Gilt Complex by Sons and Daughters
11. Bored in Belgium by The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
12. Busy Doing Nothing by Love is All
13. Something Clicked & I Fell Off the Edge by The Rakes
14. Dance Steps by The Natural History
15. Wake the Breathing Light by The Shaky Hands


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2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    ‘Interested in your mix, but have Mac & the download indicates the need for Windows Xvid interface. Any way for me to work around it?


  2. agrayspace says:

    hey steve. Sorry about the delay. I didn’t see your comment in the wordpress dashboard. Sendspace is an ad ridden bugger. But they allow us to host files up to 300 mb. So we keep using them.

    But no windows xvid software is needed to download. That was probably just an ad.

    If you click the download link in our post, then click the “regular download” button on the sendspace page. When the next page loads, there will be several ads trying to trick you into clicking them. Just click the link in the blue box in the center of the page labled, “Click here to start download from sendspace”.

    Let us know if you keep having problems.

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