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Vol 05 / Trk 12 / Busy Doing Nothing

Wow! What a great follow up track. I mean REALLY great. Mr. Joosse is fucking good at this whole music-tennis-as-bloodsport thing. That song is so fucking catchy. It instantly implanted itself into my brain. Lodged in there really good. So much so, that I spent the following evening scrubbing through what felt like tens of thousands of songs, trying to find the one it so distinctly reminded me of. You know the one with that very similar “kid chorus” chime along.

You know the one? Really?! Tell me god dammit! I’ve been searching for it for days!

What do you mean you don’t have it? Seriously man, don’t fool around with me. I’m a race car in the red. And you know what you don’t do with a race car in the red.

Forget you. You’re no help. You’re just a music blog lurker. You’re probably not even going to comment. You know, we don’t do this for free. We get paid in comments. Or likes. Choose. Don’t lurk.

Actually you can just lurk. It’s cool. It’s all about sharing the music. Ya know.

I know that song is out there somewhere. And one day, a long time from now, it will rear it’s adorable little head, and my hand uncontrollably punch myself in the face.

Stepping back from the ledge, I only add that I really love “Bored in Belgium”. There are so many things to love and respond to in that song. The art school recklessness. The cockney talk singing. The tight post-punk instrumentation. The non-chorus chorus.

Oh so many ways to respond.



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