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Vol 05 / Trk 10 / Gilt Complex

If there is anyone actually listening to this little blog. They have to be just smacking themselves in the forehead in disbelief at all the hits that keep coming one after another. That Silverbullit song is a total gem. It sounds so familiar, in a really comforting way. As if it’s really standing on the shoulders of musical giants, not redefining but simply refining the universal sounds of exhilaration.

Nicely played.

I can only describe this song by Scottish band Sons and Daughters as a separated-at-birth-sibling of Magnetic City. The constant building rhythm of the vocals and the focused, repetitious riffage really drive things forward with great tension. It was an easy pick.



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2 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    my forehead hurts

  2. agrayspace says:

    mine too. 🙂

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