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Vol 05 / Trk 09 / Magnetic City / Silverbullit

Musicians pausing in mid-song for half a second to yelp the word “Go!” is definitely in my top five rock and roll flourishes. It’s an almost wildly unnecessary device, yet to me it always speaks to the sheer dumb fun of performing, of getting the order to pull the level and turn the music on. Particularly with Wire, we’ve been looking at songs as machinery, though I suppose I felt I wanted to add some color and break out a little further.

This track, released to zero fanfare in 2001 by the Swedish band Silverbullit (renamed due to assumed Coors-related copyright infringement in the US as Citizen Bird), was the only way to follow that fantastic Wire track. In fact, the first time I heard this was ten years ago in a designer’s presentation. I’ve forgotten all context by now, but it was an animation he created unofficially for the song. I think it involved a train passing through various European countries identified by flags, and in between those flags was the same few seconds of animation repeating itself until the end. At the time, the song’s dynamism quickly made us forget about that loop; all these years later I realized the only way to illustrate the song was to accentuate that glorious repetition. I heard it just the once and subsequently spent years hunting it down.

m. joosse


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