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Vol 05 / Trk 04 / Satellite

If there was one thing I was really digging about the Morphine track was that it only did one thing. I really have a soft spot for songs that have the confidence and economy to just do one thing. One rhythm. One chord progression. One direction. It’s an admirable thing.

So I set about searching for a great song that only did one thing. Then Mike put the request in for less “weird-ass” and more “rock”. Which really put a damper on where I was likely headed.

When combining the criteria of “one thing” and “rock”, only a few real standouts remained. One of those is this great propulsive track from TV on the Radio’s first EP. Hell, it almost sounds like a song Morphine would have wrote. But it retains some of the lush electronic flourishes that this mix started with.



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