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I Told You So (But You Didn’t Listen) / Vol 04 / 050511

Not much to say about this mix. The results are equally inspired and baffling. I almost would label the theme as “confounding insubordination to thematic constraints” because the mix takes wild left turns at almost every opportunity. Don’t turn your back on it for even a second. It will betray you and probably poison your pets while your at work.

But having listened to it several times now, I have found that there is hidden thread of continuity tying it all together. Only these elements are linked no at the highest level but within the details – within the elements that are subconscious and unnoticed. That is an unexpected outcome that gets me really excited for the next installment. Take a listen. Let us know what you think.
r. smigielski

Download the Mix as a 143 MB zip file.
Now using sendspace to deliver these massive files. Email me if the file expires.

The tracklist is as follows:

01. Born Free by M.I.A.
02. Attack Ships on Fire by Revolting Cocks
03. Hu Hu Hu by Dig
04. Psyche Out by Meat Beat Manifesto
05. Cool it by Nodern
06. Hidden Place (Hearts and Bones Remix) by Bjork
07. Run the Heart by Sleigh Bells
08. Godmorgon by Consor
09. We’re Not Adult Orientated (Neu Wave Live) by Stereolab
10. The Lisbon Maru by Fuck Buttons
11. La Guitaristic House Organisation by Rinocerose
12. Turbulence (Bis Remix) by Arab Strap
13. Bang! Bang! by Le Tigre
14. God and Country by The Thermals
15. Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebov by Rage Against the Machine


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