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Vol 4 / Trk 14 / God and Country / The Thermals

I really wanted to do something kraut-y in honor of Epp’s departure. But the more I listened to “Bang! Bang!,” the more I was pulled toward the idea of following it up with another protest song. This track was the only conclusion.

“God and Country” is pretty much the angriest song I can think of. It came out in the summer before Bush’s reelection, as we watched John Kerry grimly flail about but still hoped he could prevail. Only, the Thermals knew to write a song about it. It’s filled with rage, the kind of rage that leaves you shaking, fingernails pressed into your palm, eyes closed, almost unable to function. It’s two minutes of blind fury, loud and rough and unleashed squarely at the president and his subversion of religion. “Pray for a new state. Pray for assassination. I can hope, see? Even if I don’t believe.”

Le Tigre’s approach—of turning that rage into something close to art—will always be more effective. But every so often you need something closer to noise, a two-minute explosion that’s impossible to suppress. You need something that stands for you, that says what you’re not supposed to say out loud. You need to play it on repeat at full blast. Fuckin A, you do.


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