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Vol 04 / TRK 13 / Bang! Bang!

Needless to say, it’s been a while since the last post. More then 5 months. The last year has been a crazy one for me personally. I have been busier than at any point in my life. And I spread myself too thin. Volunteered for too many opportunities. Took on every responsibility that came my way. Started too many personal projects.

On top of that 2010 was one of the worst years for me musically. I stopped reading music press. Stopped paying attention to new breaking artists. Stopped listening all together.

All that added up to participating in the NEIMT not being high on my list of priorities. Which is a shame. Because I believe the experiment of this new version of NEIMT was really producing interesting results.

Anyway, things are starting to even out. Projects are slowing down and I am back to prioritizing what things I want to be a part of. NEIMT is one of those things. And now I am listening to music again. I actually have Kanye West to thank for that. My Dark Twisted Fantasy really broke through my malaise. Listened to it non-stop for weeks. Amazing, beautiful piece of art that record is.

Moving on and picking up where this mix left of was also daunting. With all the momentum sucked out of it, it could go in almost any direction. The question even came up as to whether or not we just end it where it was and start over.

But then, a couple days ago I was in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. And there was a really great Art of Music exhibit. One of the featured songs was this little ditty by Le Tigre. I hadn’t really heard it since it was released and it was very refreshing to hear again in the context of an art museum. It’s a really great example of how pop music can be confrontational, relevant, effective and still rock. This track is really a work of art.

Volume 04 has really gone all over the place sonically, in the best possible way. Bang! Bang! brings it back around to the beginning in a way for me. As if MIA could not do what she does without the foundation of Kathleen Hanna.

Enjoy. And tell your friends that the NEIMT is back.
r. smigielski


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