Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

a musical exquisite corpse. look it up.

Vol 04 / Trk 11 / La Guitaristic House Organisation / Rinocerose

I’ve been looking for a way to slip in something more organic and dance oriented to lift and chill the mood. I think it fits nicely between Sterolab and Fuck Buttons. Here’s rinôçérôse from their super danceable Installation Sonore (1999). I saw them at an open air on a summer’s evening a few years ago and man was that a fun show, dancing everywhere, nonstop.

This will be my second to last post for NEIMT. Though it’s great being a part of it, I am not able to respond to posts in a reasonably timely manner. Though I will  continue to listen eagerly. And I promise to deliver my final post within the agreed upon 2 days!


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