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Vol 04 / Trk 06 / Hidden Place (Hearts & Bones Mix) / Björk

Speaking of straying from a path, I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to use a Björk track for this post. She’s done industrial, she’s done great beats, she’s done dark, she’s done killer vocals. For restless experimentalism and relentless innovation, I’ll always look to her, because even if she produces something I don’t like, I still know she followed her muse and it took her to somewhere in deep space and back.

But which Björk to use? The Debut era quickly became dated-sounding. Post and Homogenic have some spectacular songs that will live forever. My attention wavered from Vespertine and Volta by emphasizing mood over melody. And I found Medulla flat-out impenetrable, even though it did with voices what Robb’s and Epp’s tracks did with synths, and that would’ve been a cool place to take the mix.

But this “Hidden Place” remix hit all the right notes with me. It seems to almost literally exist outside the Björk canon—available only as a download from her website, it removes much of her vocal parts and reconstructs the song into a twitchy, human-mechanical hybrid that doesn’t resemble the original version even a little. I love how the very warm-sounding hi-hat bears the unmistakable footprint of a human being, which Björk—and much of our volume so far—had seemingly been running away from at that point.
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