Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

a musical exquisite corpse. look it up.

Vol 04 / Trk 03 / Hu Hu Hu / Dig

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to industrial music, which I found terrifying at first, based on brief glimpses of Front 242 and Ministry on late-night MTV, but came around to realizing how much beauty there was in its perpetual motion machinery.

And I used to think Virtuosity, the source of this song, was a great movie. Then I realized it would be trapped in time as pointing the way to a future that never came and was never really wanted. And it dumped Russell Crowe on America. For that it must be punished.

“There are no bad guys, just disturbed guys.” It reminds me that I’m always misunderstanding something.
m. joosse


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