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Vol 04 / Trk 02 / Attack Ships on Fire / Revolting Cocks

The best track from the best industrial album I ever owned, The Revolting Cocks’ Big Sexy Land. Like M.I.A. RevCo was enveloped in controversy in the 80s and the UK even banned tracks like “No Devotion” (“The voice of god means nothing anymore!”). Being in high school during the height of industrial in a city at it’s center (WaxTrax) I saw my share of shows at the Metro in Chicago;¬†Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Test Dept., Laibach, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Einsturzende Neubauten, Nitzer Ebb and more. In the basement of the Metro was The Smart Bar where “Attack Ships On Fire” and Nitzer Ebb’s “Join in the Chant” always had immediate and complete effect on the dance floor.

I always put Big Sexy Land up there with Fear Of A Black Planet, 2 albums I often revisit that ended the 80s on angry, relentless and awesome notes.


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