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Vol 03 / Trk 15 / Via Nomentana / Joe Lally

“What happens when post-hardcore becomes post-post-hardcore.” The Washington Post said that about the sound of the Evens, which is made of Amy Farina from the Warmers and Ian MacKaye from Fugazi. I thought that was a great line that guided me into this track by Joe Lally, another Fugazi alum.

The hardcore movement never interested me. Maybe because I came into music a little late, or because my biggest influence growing up was an adult alternative radio station, or maybe because I just fundamentally don’t get screaming. So I’m much more interested in the aftermath of the dam holding hardcore breaking and spilling its waters into the larger body of music to influence and be influenced by.

“Via Nomentana” sounds a little like late-period Fugazi (duh), a little like the Warmers, and a little like Sleater-Kinney. But it thrills me to report that it also sounds like the Velvet Underground and Steve Wynn and PJ Harvey and a whole mess of other artists that we haven’t talked about yet here.

So even though I may be ending this volume on a moody note, I hope this is a mixing of waters that frees us to move in any direction in #4. As always, I’m excited to see where we go from here.
m. joosse

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2 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    Great finish! Here’s a seed for Volume 4: Leonard Nimoy


    V3 rocked, thanks guys

  2. agrayspace says:

    Thanks a bunch for listening Craig! Tell your friends.

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