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Vol 03 / Trk 12 / What If I Was Right? / Sleater-Kinney

I’m irritated.

It’s hot and humid outside, Supergrass broke up, people’s excitement over soccer has turned into xenophobia, but most importantly, it’s been THREE WEEKS since my last post. Come on guys, let’s pick the pace back up here.

Robb, I think inadvertently, moved the mix forward a good amount with “Arizona.” We traded heavy for spiky and noisy for melodic, and for all our sakes I hope we don’t go back for a while. And I definitely wanted a break from bands of dudes.

So here’s a track from Sleater-Kinney, who share a lot of qualities with the Constantines—a similar tone, a supreme ease with hooks, an ability to scream tunefully, and a career evolution that still allows them to remain quintessentially themselves. They also share what we used to refer to as “post-millennial tension,” but since this song is from 1998, that analysis will have to wait for a future volume and the chance to hear/discuss their revolutionary One Beat album.
m. joosse

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