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Vol 03 / Trk 11 / Arizona

I am a big fan of the shouting vocalist. The kind of singer who is more interested in rhythmically “stating” their words as opposed to “crooning” them. The last set of tracks have really highlighted a couple great executions of this style. But The Constantines nearly perfected it.

Now Arizona is not a complex track. It’s a little bit “one note”, in that it is really only interested in executing one sonic idea. But it has always been the song of theirs that stuck with me over time. It always pops in my head, especially that “1984” line. Not sure why. The narrative of it has me captivated. And that big ass drum sound. I was reminded of it instantly when I heard the Fugazi track.

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  1. mikejoosse says:

    This waveform looks like a lint roller.

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