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Vol 02 / Trk 15 / Electricity

So this mix was perfectly moving along its wall of sound theme and then Epp throws in a monkeywrench like that. Total curveball and totally fair game. But it made me think I have to re-evaluate my end-game-plan.

Then I ran across Spiritualized. And this massive wall of sound called Electricity. I think it nicely capstones the mix and even has a little of that bluesy energy evident in the Face-to-Face track. They both move at the same pace and have a similar franticness to them.

And the magic of this track is the bass line. What the hell low-end heaven does it hit in that chorus? and what the hell is it doing at the end of the song?Up and down the neck like a bat outta hell. Yum.
r. smigielski


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