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Vol 02 / Trk 06 / Strange Lights

Oh god, how I agonized over this song choice. I’ll admit, despite being introduced to the Stone Roses on that bus trip across Ohio oh so many years ago, my knowledge of that late 80’s english sound, or the early 90’s shoegaze is still really shallow. So the intimidation factor that the mix is going in this direction is immense.

I am also incredibly aware (and anxious) as to how my choice is going to affect the overall direction of the mix. I don’t want to fuck it up.

I felt like adding another track from the same era would pigeonhole the mix permanently in that direction and make it too singular in focus. Then again picking something too out of left field and I screw up the flow.

So I hope I managed to do both with this absolutely gorgeous Deerhunter track. It maintains the fuzz and the tempo of the previous track, but brings us squarely into a new century point of view. Love Deerhunter.
r. smigielski


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