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Vol 02 / Trk 02 / Haunted When the Minutes Drag (USA Mix) / Love and Rockets

Musical taxonomies are personal for me, musical relationships are about discovered music as it relates to eras and events growing up, making friends, falling in love. For example Rick James’ Super Freak is about bus rides to high school football games, exploding testosterone levels, insecurity, exploration, confusion… Head on the Door is about driving, drinking, sex, changing friendships, becoming.

So, moving from hours to minutes but staying in the 80s, here’s a track by Love and Rockets before they shed most of the goth of Bauhaus and Tones On Tails but are definitely getting more psychedelic, glam, and moving towards the mainstream. It’s a magic spot and this is a magical track, one that Harry Soenksen and I spent many evenings listening to,  driving back and forth from home to Medusas, The Exit, Berlin, or the Smart bar.


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