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Vol 01 / Trk 10 / Mount Blasta

Critters Buggin’ are comprised of three guys from Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. No shit. I had the pleasures of witnessing a show of theirs in Seattle and it remains one of my top 10 live show experiences. They wonderfully combine Afro Rhythms, electronics and hellacious grooves in way that’s completely thrilling and no where near as hippie-crunchy as it sounds.

I felt like the crazy-theremin-keyboard sound built on the squawkishness of the amazing Blurt track. Plus I am really diggin’ on the treble-heavy beat and I really wanted something to connect rhythmically to that.

I don’t know how the hell we got here from Spoon, but I am most pleased with our first strings meandering adventurousness.
r. smigielski


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