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Vol 01 / Trk 09 / Get / Blurt

All things considered, replacing the bassline with horns is a rather rare move, so I set out to find a like-minded band. But instead of those stately French horns, I went looking for the squonk and bleat of the sax. And no one did bleat like Blurt.

Referred to as “paranoid jazz mutant funk,” Blurt spent the ’80s making some really amazing noise with a lo-fi, skeletal drummer/guitarist/batshit-crazy-singer structure. Where Smog asked his horns to play a backing rhythm, Blurt got theirs to buzz around and through the other parts like a drunken bee.

In other words, this track gives some opaque callbacks to previous ones in the mix, but injects a little anarchy. Let’s see where it goes from here.
m. joosse


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