Never Ending Internet Mix Tape

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Vol 01 / Trk 08 / Bathysphere / Smog

OK, it’s been a hairy string of days, hence the lag. Though, I knew immediately it had to be Smog to follow that last track and fit into the groove of this collection. Smog combines the surreal and earnest to great effect, and, as we’re onto hypnosis I’ve gotta answer with Bathysphere (though it’s a bit obvious and I’m shooting my Smog load early), chock full of simple repeating horns(?) and guitar lines paired with some great writing. This is a track I can set to repeat and roll with for a long time. This particular Smog album (Wild Love) contains 2 of my all time favorite songs by anyone, ever, this track and Prince Alone in the Studio (talk about haunting, surreal and ridiculous all at the same time). Get used to hearing Bill Callahan’s voice.

Between coral
Silent eel
Silver swordfish
I can’t really feel or dream down here


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