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Vol 01 / Trk 06 / A Drop of Nelson’s Blood / Jarvis Cocker

Rogue’s Gallery is a collection of traditional pirate songs that serves as some sort of weird compendium of music today. Inspired by Johnny Depp and executed by super-producer Hal Wilner, scores of musicians and singers gathered in various cities to rip out 43 songs of debauchery, drinking and murder. Musical left-fielders like David Thomas, Nick Cave, and Eliza Carthy show up and manage to look normal, while the higher class—Bono! Bryan Ferry! John C. Reilly! Sting!—makes almost surreal contributions.

But my favorite participant has to be Jarvis Cocker, who led a crack band into a London studio and tried on this simple, dumb ode to rum. Building and building, it takes its sweet-ass time until it flails and explodes into a rave-up freakout that Thomas himself would agree with. By the end of it, I just want to pass out from the sheer thrill.
m. joosse


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